Technical and marketing texts

Thanks to the huge number of highly qualified employees, we are in the position to produce translations for any industry, such as the commercial, legal and technology sectors, and into any language.

Expert translations

It takes more than a good knowledge of the language to translate the copious subject matter of individual fields from one language into another. Specialised knowledge of the area concerned is indispensable.
Therefore, for every language, we work in collaboration with numerous translators or with bilingual professionals, who only translate texts within their area of specialisation (and) into their mother tongue.


Our translators – qualified engineers, technicians, scientists, etc. – deal with the latest technical developments on a daily basis and are therefore constantly familiar with the relevantterminology. They translate using a language which is in tune with the technology and which is understood by the experts who use their translations.
Whether it’s electrical engineering/electronics, informatics (hardware and software), information technology or communication technology, mechanical engineering or automobile technology, sanitation, heating and air conditioning technology, metering, controlling and regulating technology, chemical, plastics and environmental technology, medical and pharmaceutical technology – in each case we use competent translators with appropriate expert knowledge. Consistent high quality is thereby guaranteed.


Thanks to the internet, that product of globalisation par excellence, a whole new world of translation has been generated. Our office is in the position to translate the complete website of a company into the desired languages and to send it back to the client in HTML format, where necessary.
In addition, on-line translation with leading programs poses no problem for us.

Commerce, industry

Translation of contracts, company reports, balance sheets, terms and conditions or similar documents requires experience and sound knowledge in these areas. Here, too, we have specialists to hand.


No other specialist language is as complicated as that of lawyers. Every text – whether short or extensive – requires extreme lucidity and precision. We employ legal experts, whose expertise and translating competence guarantee absolute dependability in the correct use of legal terminology.

Science, research

The exchange of scientific knowledge and research findings takes place at an international level. Word perfect translations are therefore required more than ever in this multi-layered area. In this case our employees comprise mathematicians, doctors, pharmacologists, etc., who can translate scientific papers of all kinds into their native tongue.


In the world of advertising, translation signifies an “effective adaptation in the applicable foreign language”. It is a matter of appealing to the consumer in a way that is appropriate for the target group and which will persuasively win them over to the product.
For conceiving advertising messages in foreign languages we cooperate with expert script writers and advertising specialists who know the respective country, the people and the local mentality, and generously adapt the messages to “re-create” them. Examples of this include, among others, company brochures, catalogues, prospectuses, single adverts or complete advertising campaigns, e.g. for trade fairs.
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Certified translations

Certified translations carry a lot of weight primarily in the export business and among foreign contacts. We certify the translations of all of your documents, such as extracts from commercial registers or articles of association, and deliver these accompanied by an additional authentication by the responsible consulates or embassies of the respective countries.
Certified translations of educational or training certificates, civil registry documents or notarial deeds, of course, also belong to our range of services.
Our in-house team of translators and interpreters is sworn for 6 western European languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese) and for Latin and Russian.
For many other languages – including rare languages – additional competent translators are also available.
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We check your technical texts, brochures, advertising texts, catalogues, mailings, menus, etc. with regard to spelling, grammar, punctuation and coherence – even in several languages. Put the finishing touches to your documents and ensure a professional presentation of your products and services.
Our proofreaders are trained linguists and have mastered all the formal and stylistic requirements of any subject field that make up a high-quality text.
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We offer our clients a complete service from a single source, in collaboration with our own typesetting agency, local highly experienced advertising agencies or printing shops, or with institutions recommended by the client. If required, the client can receive ready-to-print copies in the foreign language and thereby avoid syllabication and transcription errors, following high-level internal quality control on the finished layout. The result is a flawless copy in the desired target language that is ready to go to print.
As the layout is available on data carriers, including all pictures, drawings, diagrams, etc., any subsequent changes can be easily carried out without having to typeset the entire document again.
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Asian languages

A special team is responsible for translations into Asian languages, such as Chinese (for Taiwan and Singapore as well as for continental China), Japanese and Korean, and for the final incorporation of this into the ready-to-print version or into HTML files.
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Our interpreters are not only proficient in source language and target language, with profound knowledge of the applicable subject field, but also understand many dialects and possess a broad general knowledge.

Interpreting equipment

In the context of interpreting jobs, we can also supply interpreting equipment for seminars and conferences for audiences of various sizes if required.
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With the increasing globalisation of business, the capacity of senior management to communicate and collaborate on an international level under consideration of cultural differences is becoming ever more important. In our seminars and training programmes, this capacity is increased, in order to appear effective as a “worldwide player” when moving in international circles, in order to avoid blunders, in order to present the company appropriately and to operate with certainty about correct behaviour in teams and committees with an international make-up.

Seminar topic areas:

  • Synaplan method: introduction and implementation
  • Presenting the individual and the company
  • Communicating by telephone in a foreign language
  • Intercultural communication for expatriates

Recommended bibliography:

Dr. Nereu Feix: “Moderationsmethoden und Synaplan”, Verlag Brandt, Mannheim 1992, 2nd edition, ISBN 3-926260-16-5.
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